A Safe Space Counseling Practice

A Safe Space Counseling Practice

A Safe Space Counseling Practice A Safe Space Counseling Practice



My Practice

My counseling practice focuses on adolescents and adults, with an additional focus on LGBTQ+ populations, specializing in addiction, dual-diagnosis, spirituality, gender identity, transgender group therapy, depression, grief and those who are recovering from religious abuse.  I am held by deeply spiritual beliefs to help my LGBTQ+ in anyway possible. Additionally, I work with families of LGBTQ+ individuals with the purpose of reconnecting the family unit towards a common goal of acceptance.  Meeting clients where they are at in life is always my starting point. 


Goals for my clients

My therapy goals for my clients are to move from a place of pain and suffering to growth, healing and understanding.  I want to help clients set goals, find inner power, and build social support to overcome obstacles, confront challenges, and achieve a balanced and full  life.


My Philosophy

Woodcrest Counseling provides a safe space for all to be welcomed, heard and understood.  I understand how negative coping skills may destroy lives and I have discovered through my experiences, solutions are available to those who seek.  I believe renewing spirituality may add an integral approach for recovery.  



Substance Abuse

Living with addiction or loving an addict may be devastating.  Life can be exhausting from the endless cycles of trying to stop, manage, and recover may leaves feelings of  helpless, hopeless, and terrified of what the future holds.  I provide tools to help clients accept, heal, and move forward to a lifetime of success.  I walk clients through each step in a deep and meaningful way.



A large part of of my counseling practice is to help guide the path towards gender confirmation for clients as they set goals, find inner power, and build social support to overcome obstacles, confront challenges, and achieve a balanced blend of internal self with the external self.  I also write letters for gender confirmation, gender marker changes, surgery and hormone replacement therapy (HRT).


Transgender Group Therapy

This transgender group therapy meeting is for all who identify as transgender.  The group dynamic is flexible, open and, humorous!  The weekly group involves processing, education, social connection and personal identity growth.  Each week we explore different topics that encompasses the needs and wants of transgender clients.  1st and 2nd Tuesday session are from 6:30 - 8:00pm, and these groups are process driven, reflective and solution focused. The 3rd Tuesday of each month is centered around socializing and lighter topics. Please call or email for more information on which night(s) may be best for you. 

Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual

Another population I specialize in is providing a safe, therapeutic space for  gay, lesbian and bisexual adolescents and adults to understand, accept and embrace their sexuality and learn how to deal with the unique challenges and circumstances that they may face in today's complex world.  My  cornerstones for working with LGBTQ clients are to increase social support, spirituality, and helping clients to realize their full potential and foster relationships, whether that be biological family or a chosen one. As a gay man, I understand the demands and pressure to conform and the heartbreak that comes from feeling rejected by those we love. Fostering authentic self-validation is critical. 


financial info



I accept BCBS, United Healthcare and Aetna insurance. Out of network fees are  $120 for all major credit cards and $100 for clients paying with cash. 90 minute sessions are also available.A $35 fee will be applied for specialized letters for gender confirmation. 

Appointments are available on Tuesday - Thursday from 12 - 7 pm, Friday from 10:00 - 3:00 pm and Saturday from 8:00 - 5:00 pm. 

It is very important you verify your benefits, deductible and co-pay prior to the first session. 



I graduated from the University of North Texas at Dallas in 2015 and have been in practice for over 4 years under Texas License #77639.  I am also a Texas licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor #14831. I have a wide range of clinical experience to address and help clients of all backgrounds towards finding emotional freedom. 


I am certified by the LGBT Chamber of Commerce.


Please call or send an email for a free phone consultation.

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